How to start investing with LH
Greenbelt Finance! High yields BSC farm. Earn $LH through yield, then stake it in Pools to earn more tokens! Security first on Greenbelt DeFi.

0) Connect

Go to and click “Connect” (top right). Click on “next” & “connect” on the MetaMask notification window, and you should see your address at the top.

1) Swap

Then, click on “Trade” > “Exchange” in the left menu.
Or Head over to (you can also do it on pancake swap by pasting the token address 0xBf40d7eF223CAe917c4349C7311c2Fdb9AA1C2dF)
Now, we are going to exchange BNB or BUSD for LHs using PanCakeSwap. The target is to have both of them at a 50/50 ratio, while keeping some BNB for the network transaction fees.
*If you are just staking pools (single token), skip to Step 3

2) Create the token pair

Now that we have everything, go in “Liquidity” on Greenbelt Defi, and click on “Add liquidity”. Select “LH” and click “MAX” to put all your LH tokens, and the corresponding amount in BNB.
Approve LH by clicking “Approve” button and confirm on MetaMask (it will call the smart contract, which will incurs some fees.

3) Farms to earn 🏡LH

Finally, click on “Farms” in the left menu. Select the corresponding farm and click on “Approve contract” button. Again, this will call the smart contract and some transaction fees will occurs.
4) When contract is approved, click on “+”, click on “MAX” in the popup and Confirm. Validate the transaction in the MetaMask notification window.
5) That's it! Wait for the LHs to built!
Last modified 6mo ago